A Look at the VIN: What is it?

A VIN number is like a social security number for a vehicle. It is the vehicle identification number, and it is used to distinguish one vehicle from the next in a variety of situations. This includes when you need to track a lost or stolen vehicle for insurance claims, and many other unique situations.

Each vehicle that is made has its own unique VIN number which is imprinted in several locations on the vehicle. The VIN has 17 numbers in it. Sometime there are letters mixed into the numbers. An example of a VIN is: 1GH12UIP3216FEVNH

If you have a vehicle made prior to 1981, your vehicle identification number may not be 17 digits. At that time, the lengths varied from 11 digits to 17 digits. Believe it or not, the VIN given to your vehicle isn’t a set of random numbers. Instead, each digit in the VIN has its own specific meaning. For example, the first letter in the VIN is the code for the location it was made, the second and third characters of the manufacturer of the automobile, and so on and so forth.

You can purchase vin stickers if you want to protect the identification number on your vehicle, if it needs replacing, and for many other reasons. It is advisable that you purchase a sticker for any vehicle where a VIN isn’t clearly showing, just to avoid headaches in certain situations.

The cost of these stickers is very reasonable, and easy to purchase online with a few clicks of the mouse. The stickers are available for each car that you own after providing a few basic details about the car. Once the stickers are purchased, the vehicle VIN is registered, and you have yet another safeguard in place to protect you.